Paul Mitchell                                                                                                          Printmaking: Painting: Photography: Intermedia

I work through action and inquisition that crosses between fluctuating forms, ideas, and mediums. My most compelling moments of creation are based upon immediacy and intimacy balanced with obsessive pursuit and intellectual consideration. The hope is that the relics of this process reveal the beautiful and tragic as integral. Connecting a few of the dots between all of those things that we don’t know that we know. Because hunting is not so much the heads we place on the wall.

Glitch-Fucked Digital Images and Prints

A Neon Rainbow Death Cult Painting

Steal Into The World Digital Prints

Is This Darkness in You Too? Intaglio Prints

An Infidelity of Dreams Photography and Printmaking

Give My Regards To Oak Street Painting

Relic Digital Prints

Dirt In the Ground Photography

Sculptural Reconnaissance Assemblage